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About Us

Vaccine Kansas City

Vaccine Kansas City and Rapid Test KC are owned by Alan and Ann DeFever. Alan is a licensed pharmacist and owns a couple of pharmacies and Ann specializes in logistics.  They have seen the challenges that COVID-19 has heaped on our community and businesses.  Their goal is to help families and business owners as they try to navigate the pandemic.  As business owners, they understand the need to have a safe work environment and keep the doors open.  


As a family we know the concerns of having children (especially teenagers) and older family and how safety is paramount.  Therefore, we offer a variety of ways from business safety packages to Rapid test options that can help in all of your situations.  We are here to help and look forward to working with you for accurate, free & cost effective and timely options.

Collecting Samples

If you fear that you are positive or have been exposed to someone that is positive, it is our goal to help you get more information quickly.  Although no test will be full-proof because of timing issues, our test is highly accurate and gives you a very good opportunity to get answers.


If you feel that this information is valuable to you, please make an appointment and we will serve you with professionalism, respect and empathy as you seek answers.  If you can’t make an appointment ahead of time, we will still try to fit you in if we have test available.


Alan & Ann DeFever

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